APEC ICT 포스터 공모전 홍보를 도와주실 분을 구합니다.

by KT 문화재단 posted Apr 01, 2008


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안녕하세요? KT문화재단입니다!

저희 KT 문화재단에서는 APEC 교육재단과 함께 APEC 회원국 21개국 시민을 대상으로

ICT 포스터 공모전을 실시하고 있습니니다.

베트남 역시 한국과 같이 APEC 회원국가로서 이번 공모전의 홍보대상국입니다.

저희 KT문화재단에서는 베트남으로 보내드린 홍보물을 배포하고

포스터를 붙이는 등의 홍보활동을 도와주실 현지에 계신 아르바이트생을 모집합니다.

관심있으신 분은

yeoul@ktcf.or.kr 로 메일 보내주십니오^^

PS. 베드남 대학에 다니시는 분들^^
 아래 글을 학교 메인홈피에 등록해 이번 공모전을 홍보 부탁드립니다^^

The 2008 APEC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Poster Competition

KT Cultural Foundation and APEC Education Foundation are co-hosting the 2008 APEC Information Communication Technology (ICT) Poster Competition. 
Under the theme of “ICT for Hope”, the event will illustrate how ICT can better our lives as a tool of development and empowerment, and spread the hope of creating a prosperous digital world through effective and productive utilization of ICT in the Asia Pacific region.  

Organizers: the KT Cultural Foundation, the APEC Education Foundation
Sponsor: Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity & Promotion

* Citizens of twenty-one APEC member economies
* Entrants may work individually or in a group of up to three individuals. All individual members of the group must meet the eligibility requirements. 

Submission Deadline
Deadline for entries is Monday, May 12, 2008 (Korea Standard Time, GMT + 9)

*All entries must be submitted via online using the application page at the project website at www.apecict.net
*The poster must be submitted with a complete application form. 
*The finished work must measure A1 size, and submitted electronically as a .jpg file with resolution of 300 dpi.  The total size of the uploaded jpg file must not exceed 20 MB. 

* Effective and productive utilization of ICT to build a prosperous digital world in the APEC region
* Ways to curb the adverse effects of ICT, such as cybercrimes, Internet addiction and online privacy risks

*Prize winners will be posted on the website at the end of May

*Grand Prix (1): Cash prize of USD $5,000; an Honorary Certificate
*1st runner up (1): Cash prize of USD $3,000; an Honorary Certificate
*2nd runner ups (2): Cash prize of USD $2,000; an Honorary Certificate
*3rd runner ups (3): Cash prize of USD $1,000; an Honorary Certificate
*Finalists (30): keepsake worth USD $100

The winning posters will be exhibited in the APEC member economies, including the 2008 APEC host Peru.

For more information,Visit www.apecict.net or email us at public@ktcf.or.kr


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