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베트남 생활정보 커뮤니티


오리엔탈 세일즈 컴퍼니은 5성급 객선, 스타 라이트 크루즈선을 세계 문화 유산으로 알려진 베트남의 관광 명소, 하롱만(꽝닌성)에서 취항시켰다.

스타 라이트 크루즈는 32개의 호화 선실과 레스토랑, 회의실 2실, 도서실, 기념품코너, 와인 셀러, 갑판에는 미니 골프장, 안마 시설 등이 갖추오졌다. 모든 시설이 5개성급으로 알려졌다.

오리엔탈 세일즈 회사는 베트남 부유층이나 외국인 관광객들 위한 크루즈 한 척을 더 2016년까지 취항시킬 예정이다.

The Starlight Cruise is the latest cruise going to be on operation in early August 2013. Starlight Cruise is the newest luxury Cruise in Halong Bay. With an area of 600 m2 per deck (57.5m x 10.5 m, 4 decks), the Cruise provide ample space for only 30 luxury cabins and 02 Suites. Major facilities and services are: 02 Restaurants & Bars serving fine cuisines and drinks, 01 Wine Cellar stocked with various international wines, Massage Parlour, Recreation area, and a vast Sundeck.

Day 1:             Halong Bay
12 00:    Meet and be transferred by tender to Starlight Cruise. Follow by brief introduction of Cruise facilities and services. Check-in room.
12 30:     Lunch shall be served
12 30:     Start our cruise of Halong Bay. The Cruise shall take clients through the most scenic area of Halong Bay, passing Dog Rock, Incense Burner Islet, Ba Hang Fishing village, Fighting Cocks, Swan islets, …
14 30:     Arrive at Van Gia fishing village, take rowing boat through the village, and stop at some houses to see how people here live.
15 15:     Continue to Three Peaches area, enjoy activities like swimming at deserted beach, kayaking, relaxing, playing mini-golf…
16 30:     Heading to anchoring overnight site.
17 30 – 19 00:     Happy hours with free cocktails and finger food, and various drinks on discounts. Those who are interested can join in the cooking and food décor lessons.
19 00 – 21 30:     Dinner shall be served. Clients are free to fix time and place for their private dinner. (Lunch, Dinner)

Day 2:             Halong Bay
06 00 – 07 00:     Early morning risers can enjoy Taichi lesson on Sundeck
07 00 – 08 00:     Morning tea with biscuits and fruits
08 00:       Visit Sung Sot Cave, the largest cave in Halong Bay
09 30:     Start cruising back to harbor, passing Human Head island and Bai Tu Long Bay
10 00 – 10 30:     Check out of rooms
10 30 – 11 30:     Lunch shall be served
11 40:       Disembark. Cruise ends.

* The above cruise itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

Cruise hightlights
Halong bay, Three-Peaches beaches, Sửng Sốt cave, various activities on board
What to take
We suggest a small, lightweight daypack for cameras, extra film, and drinking water and swimming gear, passports & spending money.

Entrance fees, Taxes and Service Charge
English or French speaking guide
Luxury accommodation with A/C, bathtub & shower, mini bar
Exclusive Cruise through HalongBay
Welcome Cocktail
Vietnamese Seafood Lunch and Dinner, International Brunch Buffet
Sunrise Tai Chi Class
Starlight Cruise’s special gift
Insurance on board

Tips and Gratuities


베트남 진출,선택이 아닌 필수 !  「비나한인 종합 랜딩 서비스

베트남(전국) 법인설립, 공장설립, 투자 진출을 의한 선행조사, 시장조사, 임대공장, 공단입주선정, 주택 사무실 임대 아파트 부동산 컨설팅 등 베트남 비즈니스 관련 내용이나 투자 초기 필요로 하는 것에 대해 1차 무료상담을 받아 보시기 바랍니다.

- 비나한인의 모든 서비스 진행은 비나한인 소속(상주)의 변호사 등 각 부분 해당 전문가에 의해 직접 수행 됩니다.

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08:16:50 (*.53.160.105)
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